Hobo Boxed Lunch {Then and Now}

My Hobo Boxed Lunches on the truck have been a huge hit. In order to get a good idea of what they are and why I started doing them, you’ll need to learn all about my inspiration behind them.


This story dates back to the 1970s when my family ran a catering business that specialized in catering to corporate aircrafts. In order to feed a large crowd that happens to also be busy during their workday, we started doing a variety of boxed meals. The one you might be the most familiar with is commonly called a continental breakfast. It usually includes a breakfast sandwich, fruit, a pastry and coffee/milk or juice. We created other meals that were similar to my now famous, Hobo Boxed Lunch. Lunches usually consisted of a hot or cold sandwich, salad or fresh fruit, assorted relish and a sweet treat. Not so different from the Hobo Boxed Lunches that I create today almost 30 years later. They definitely got an upgrade and a modern twist. We also had a Butler’s Tray or Dinner meals that had a main entree, salad or fresh fruit, assorted relish with stuffed celery and a deviled egg, plus dessert! I only wish that social media or food photography would have been a thing back then, but you’ll have to settle for some throwback pictures of my family during the catering days.


Without my history and upbringing, the inspiration behind the Hobo Boxed Lunches wouldn’t exist. The Catering service/family business taught me so much about how to run my own business all these years later. I was young when my family really introduced me into the business. Around 16 years old I was folding boxes after school and in between extracurricular activities. By the time I finished high school and began attending college, I learned how to manage the coffee shops and deliveries, as well as customer relations and payroll. I cooked and prepped and even made all the sweet treats for the coffee shops. I really enjoyed that part of the business. Little did I know back then that 30 years later I would be going to culinary school and then pursuing my passion for cooking and for people.

A little history about our Aircraft Catering Company for you:

  • We catered to the top 10 oil companies in the ’70s and ’80s.
  • We ran three coffee shops in various airframe hangers in the area.
  • Catered for meetings, maintenance crews, and multiple Aviation businesses.
  • Celebrities loved us when they would fly into town!
    • Willie Nelson, Kenny Rodgers, James Garner, Farrah Faucet, and John Travolta. Imagine how cool it was for a young girl to meet these celebrities!
  • Our most prestigious event ever was to the Royal Crew including Prince Charles and Lady Diana (Her name at the time).


This history with our family catering company taught me a lot about work ethic and the food/hospitality business itself. From an early age, I got a taste of what it was like to see breakfast, lunch and dinner going out the door for customers starting at 6 am. This would happen Monday-Sunday and the routes would include anywhere from 5-10 different aviation facilities daily.

Fast forward to today and my Locomotion Kitchen Business, I thought pleasantly back on this time as a young girl and decided to revive the Roaming Routes with my food truck. With a simple, but delicious menu, I manage three roaming routes regularly. Business is doing even better than I could have imagined. With these roaming routes, I have been able to make some great connections that have led to the booking of private events, corporate functions, and my very favorite thing…personal chef services. Not to mention the compliments I get when my beautiful food truck pulls up to a job site.


I look forward to sharing more of this journey with you! There are so many exciting things in the works for The Locomotion Kitchen.

All Aboard!



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