My Train of Thought {2018}

What a year it was! 2018 brought many blessings and some trying times as well. With my dreams becoming a reality, I want to share with you our highlights and the bumpy stops along the track.

My journey to have my own Locomotion Food Truck was one filled with a lot of support and a lot of hard work. From writing the business plan, seeking investors, hosting fundraiser events, and working with a builder, one thing really stuck out to me. And that is the support that I have from my friends and family. I wouldn’t be where I today without the confidence and belief that they have in me. For that, I am forever grateful.

The build-out of the truck was truly eye-opening. It was of course delayed due to Hurricane Harvey and my commissary kitchen would have to be completely rebuilt. I knew this was going to be a challenge, but I have always been a fighter. I know that the love and support from my friends and family also help me to fight through the challenges.  After the dust had settled from the Hurricane and things started trucking along, there seemed to be problem after problem with the build. Whether it was the wrong equipment being delivered or something not up to spec for inspection, the end seemed to be far in the distance. But with a lot of hard work and dedication, it was time to launch and kick off my very own Locomotion Kitchen in April of 2018.

This was a particularly exciting time with some difficulties sprinkled in. My oldest daughter was moving away in May with my three grandchildren and I would be left not only with an empty nest of my own, but pieces of my heart moving almost 7 hours away from me. I knew it would mean seeing them less. It remained on my mind, but I pushed through and held my kick-off party. What a huge success!. Thanks to all of my investors and supporters that helped to make this possible for me.

Around this same time as my business officially launched, my mother’s health started to really decline. It really began happening in the latter part of 2017 but was increasingly getting worse. Her house was flooded in Harvey so she moved in with me while it was being repaired. That same year she also lost her ability to drive after a wreck and fell really badly and busted her head open. It was really hard to see her like that and it broke my heart knowing that our time with her was growing more narrow every day. We were caring for her in the months leading up to her death and looking into long-term solutions for her. But sadly, shortly after her 77th birthday, she passed away. At the same time that we all knew her time was coming to end, we just couldn’t believe that it was that short. We were shocked and saddened by her death. We weren’t ready to let her go and to be honest, I still struggle every day with not having her around. I catch myself picking up the phone and going to call her, only to snap back into reality and realize again that she is gone. She was always my biggest supporter and there for me through it all. I will continue to work on the healing and grieving process for this, but I know it is something that I will carry with me always.



Staying busy and working was really a positive thing for me during all of this. I knew that it was important to push through and remain strong. I continued to book events, try out new truck spots, and get my name out there.  Throughout my events, there were some pretty major equipment malfunctions that led to some pretty tear-filled and stressful times, as well as delays from the builder when they were asked to fixed their mistakes. In fact, my truck was in the shop for a couple of months, leaving me with some decisions to make. Luckily I was able to fulfill orders from my kitchen while I continued to push the builders.



I would like to also highlight the great joys that happened in 2018. In my family: the birth of two new grandchildren, my youngest daughter graduating from college, her engagement, and marriage. In my business: A lot of great trips and travel where I was able to bring back ideas and experiences. As well as the jobs that I worked all assured me of future partnerships and success. To top it off, The Locomotion Kitchen has reached 1,000 followers on our business page.



Even with all of the hardships and challenges, it was an amazing year. I am thankful for every job, event and order booked and remain very excited about what this year will hold in 2019.

All Aboard!


One thought on “My Train of Thought {2018}

  1. Dana corbit

    I am so excited to meet you soon! Your story is dear. You deserve some good business! Hopefully we can make 2019/2020 the successful year you need to pay that bad boy off!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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