The Locomotion Truck {How it all began}

As you know from following my posts and Facebook page for a while now, it’s always been our dream to have a roaming restaurant, aka food truck. We knew that it couldn’t just be any old run of the mill food truck. It had to be special. And with a name like The Locomotion Kitchen it had to look like a train car.

We must have searched on different websites a million times for months and months. Surprisingly, you can find a lot of food trucks for sale on eBay. We must have contacted so many owners and stalked posts for so long. One day, I came across the PERFECT truck on eBay and just had to show my husband the find. It was being sold out of Miami, FL and it was fully loaded and ready to go. Once he saw my vision for what I was exactly looking for he got to thinking about searching for a truck that we could customize to be exactly what we wanted.

We came across a 1989 Airstream Bus. It already had the look of a train car and we knew just from seeing it that it was the ONE! It was a 12 person party bus with televisions inside that we just had to convert into our dream food truck. After contacting the owner, we booked our trip to Chicago at the end of August 2017.

As the week of our trip came, so did Hurricane Harvey. Our flight was canceled and the whole town of Houston was struck by this devastating storm. As soon as the airports reopened and the flood waters subsided, we were able to get on a flight to Chicago. Once we arrived and checked out the Airstream Bus it was better than we could have ever imagined. It drove like a dream and everything checked out perfectly. We completed the deal and started our journey back to Houston. We drove it all the way back, making a few foodie stops along the way.

We knew we had to get started right away with the renovation and build-out. We had already been in contact with a Food Truck Builder company called Chef Units. We showed them our vision and their talented team went to work. It was going to get completely gutted and transformed into the roaming kitchen of our dreams. See the “before” picture below.

Food Truck

The outside was so much fun to design. Since the Airbus already resembled somewhat of a train car, we decided to wrap it and change up the design to look just like a real train car.

Now’s the fun part where I get to share all of the great “after” pictures with you! And make sure to check out my calendar of events. I already have the first one under my belt since our truck’s completion.


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