What’s in his bag? {The Big Reveal}

What’s that bag and what’s inside? 


The Hobo’s bag is called a “Bindle” and refers to the sack, bag or carrying device that hoboes would tie onto a stick. In their travels, the Hobo’s needed something to carry their food, moonshine harmonicas, or other essential belongings in, and plastic bags or satchels just didn’t exist yet.
Now, our Hobo Mascot is special because he only carries ONE thing around in his “Bindle”. And that’s our signature Hobo Sandwich. These sandwiches actually were very common back in the Hobo’s traveling time. They would usually wake up early after a long day’s work and want to make a hearty breakfast that was both satisfying and portable.
The Hobo Sandwich consists of fresh eggs, bacon or sausage, potatoes, and melty cheese all nestled between two slices of perfectly toasted bread. Since these ingredients were easily accessible on the farms that they were working, it was an instant hit among the Hobo community. And how great that it is such a portable sandwich that can easily fit in their “Bindles”. Some might argue that the Hobo’s had to-go food figured out way before it would be introduced in America.
We have been making Hobo Sandwiches in my family for years and years. Bringing them to the public at our family catering business in the 80’s. They were such a hit with the airline crews that we would always have trays of them going out in the mornings to fuel up the workers before their flights.
Our version of the Hobo Sandwich keeps it traditional, but we also add in our own Locomotion and regional flare.
We start by using our house-made Pullman Loaf. This bread is a traditional sandwich loaf, which goes by many names; pain de mie, pan loaf, sandwich loaf or Pullman bread. We are partial to calling it Pullman Loaf due to its long-standing history of being made in the compact kitchens of Pullman railway cars.
After we toast two slices of our house-made Pullman bread, we pile on perfectly crisp and creamy hash browns, your choice of eggs, house-made pork sausage or bacon, and a slice of melty cheddar cheese.
Our house is a house divided on the topic of egg preference. I prefer scrambled and fluffy, while most of my family members like a fried egg with a runny yolk. That runny yolk part is very important. Trust me, I have the biggest food critics in my little grandchildren. The best part is that you get to choose!
Our Hobo Sandwich is satisfying, filling, and stick to your ribs GOOD.
It will be The Locomotion Kitchen’s signature item meaning it will be available on our menu as a staple and can be ordered any time of the day.
If you are excited about trying this out, stay tuned to our page where we will post local events we will be participating in.
Along with the Hobo Sandwich, our menu will feature some other amazing sandwiches that deserve to be mentioned:
  • The Big Island- Hawaiian Sandwich
  • The PCL- Pacific Salmon Sandwich
  • The Casey Jones- All-American Grilled Cheese (With a Twist)
  • The Santa Fe- Green Chile Cheese Burger

Just to name a few!

All Aboard,

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