Introducing the Hobo! Our Mascot and Logo for The Locomotion Kitchen

What is this mascot that you see on our truck and traveling anywhere that The Locomotion Kitchen goes?

Hobo Logo. PNG

Well, he’s our HOBO!

The inspiration for him came from stories of the original traveler. Unlike pop culture will have you convinced, the hobo was actually a well-seasoned traveler and the ultimate foodie. You see, folks that yearned for the grand untethered life would often hop on locomotion trains and travel from town to town in search of work, shelter, and food. This was a way of life in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s. Hoboes would jump off of the train at each town and request work in exchange for fresh produce from household gardens, bread, and local farm fare.

In this particular time, when work was hard to find for many Americans, the traveling hoboes were living their best life. Seeing scenic views from their boxcars they would reminisce about towns they had traveled to and from creating a community of sorts among the other hoboes. They all supported one another in work and in travels by helping each other wash their clothes, cook meals together and by sharing secrets of the best towns to stop in. After a while, they started referring to each other as tourists, which is where we can credit some of our modern-day urges to travel and see the sights.

It’s been a dream of mine for quite some time to take others on a journey through my food and to pay homage to our roots by incorporating our dear Hobo mascot throughout The Locomotion Kitchen. My step-father, Darrell Lee Lucas was the inspiration for the Hobo’s likeness in our logo. He loved to travel, eat and explore. He served in World War II and was so kind to share his passion for traveling with his entire family. He had seen it all while keeping a humble heart and always doing for others. Much like that of the Hobo’s in the late 1800’s, he was never without work. Even after he retired, he would write, fix, and tinker with just about anything in exchange for a great meal and the for the company of others.

Paw Paw Picture

Now that you have been introduced to our mascot and logo, I am sure you have a couple of questions at least. Maybe what comes to mind is,  “what’s that bag that our Hobo carries around with him? what’s in it?” Wouldn’t you like to know…

Stay tuned for the next post when we reveal what’s with that bag and more importantly what’s inside!Hobo Bag

All Aboard,


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